About Us

Our company is considered to be one of China’s largest companies manufacturing pro music and audio products used in a different kind of setting. As one leading company making transactions outside the country, we are carrying not only our manufactured instruments and machines, but we also carry famous brands in the world like Bugera, Turbosound, Midas, Teknik, Behringer and Midas. We own and manage the distribution on some finest musical device and instruments in the country and this industry.

Our company can provide a large variety of product list concerning multiple product selections to a vast spectrum of instruments and devices exclusively made for commercial applications, amateurs and professionals, companies, and public usage. Our quality products include musical instruments, lighting systems for different setups, wireless systems, microphones, headphones, DJ products and computerized recording systems, mixers, amplifiers, powered mixers, and loud speakers. For damages, we also have a complete set of different parts and hardware.

We maintain quality, and we make sure that we offer you the best warranty that we can give. We have the most flexible terms in the country and most of the time we are the company of choice among the most popular event organizers in the country. We maintain after sales service, and we believe that the key to an effective business is to address issues after sales. We have a group of trained people ready to assist you in your needs after sales. We can even schedule for training and demos if necessary.

Our products are known for its quality and brand. It is found most of the time in professional and private big recording studios, broadcast suites, video editing studios, production facilities used in films and movie making, public sound reinforcement utilities such as house of worships, nightclubs, stadiums, musical coliseum, and many more. We make sure we can provide your needs.